The City

The City

Perkins uses architecture as a means to explore the pervasiveness of memory. His oil paintings are based on models he constructs out of cardboard and mixed media. The models represent made-up architectural spaces, with a basis in the artists’ own recollection of buildings from his past. This combination of real and imagined spaces conjures an illusionary utopia where architecture represents a psychological state as much as it does a material property.

Ivan Jurakic
Curator, Cambridge Galleries, ON




The City:  Rodman Hall, St. Catharines, ON (2006)



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“Former Guelph resident and artist Richard Perkins’ latest exhibit is a truly fascinating analysis of memory as a malleable construct…”
Vish Khanna

“Painting the City.”  Pulse Niagara.
Volume 20, No. 9, 2006.


“Yesterday was a beautiful, warm and sunny July day.  I left work early and walked toward Parc de Lafontaine…”
Jennifer Dorner

“Reconstructing Memory:  Factual Errors and Fictional Truths (On the Recent Paintings of Richard Perkins).”  2005.


“The unsettling ‘alternative reality’ of Richard Perkins’ large-scale paintings is no surprise, given the process of their making…”
Beth McEachen

“Richard Perkins, The City.'”  2006.